How to install SPPLEX theme

SPPLEX theme is a responsive theme. It can be used in SharePoint online and on-premise both environment. This theme contains one master page and three web parts. Our web parts will help you to decorate your home page very nicely. If you are yet to download this theme, you can download it from here.

Deployment is very easy!!

Go to Site settings –> Solutions


Now upload SpPlexTheme.wsp and activate it.

activate spplex theme

After activating this theme, you should get following features under Site collection features.

So now go to Site settings –> Site collection features

all features

That’s all about deployment!!

Applying SPPLEX theme

Go to Site settings –> Master page

Change your master page to SpPlexMasterPage

change master page

After changing the master page, you should get a responsive top navigation. NB: This master page does not contain left navigation. If you need this theme with left navigation or any further customization, then feel welcome to contact us.

top navigation

As we said before this theme contains three web parts so if you wish to add them in your home page, then follow below instructions.

Basically you will find these web parts under SPPLEX category.

web parts

So edit your home page and add them straightforward way.


This web part will show your images in a nice slide view. You can add/remove images from SPPLEX Slider library.



Using this web part, you can show your products or services in the home page. You can add/remove services from SPPLEX Service list.



It’s a tabbed web part. It will show your important lists/libraries in a tabbed view.

Add first add your lists or libraries in the page. Let say lists/libraries names are Announcements, Documents and General Discussion. Finally add SpPlexImportantList and edit its following property with list/library names.

important list-edit

Now it should look like following

important list

That’s all about our web part!!!

Please note that you need any kind of customization in our master page or web parts, then feel welcome to contact us and any kind of suggestion is also welcome.

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